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My Re-Birth Led to the Birth of The Risen Lotus

Who am I? 

This is a question that I have recently resolved in my mind and spirit.  Surface level, I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a friend.  Going even deeper, I am a single mother of the most beautiful 4 year old soul.  

But I had to ask myself, was that all I was? Or better yet, was I okay with that being all I was?  After my divorce, I had to question all of what I thought I knew about my future.  I was basically starting over, financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It felt as if the Most High was pruning my spirit.  It was uncomfortable at first- however, my vision became more clearer than ever about my purpose and who I knew I was.  

Unapologetically, I began to live for me, which also included my Son-shine.  He was my biggest motivator as many parents would probably say.  He loved me no matter what.  He would comfort me, like he could sense when my spirit needed to be nourished.  It hit me during this period of my growth that I was going to be me without restraints.  In short, I was a Afrocentric, boho-lover who loved to laugh and allowed her heart and spirit to make all of her decisions.  I have a vision in my mind with how I wanted my image to be, my physical appearance- this includes the piercings that I already had plus the new ones I recently got… It included my tattoos and the one I’m currently drawing… It included my health and working out again- regaining my flexibility… This image included my locs, which are now a little over a year.  I grew fond of yoga and meditation- it balanced my mind and spirit when I felt off track.  I began to feed my mental by reading more. 

Again, I began to live for me.  Not worrying about what others thought.  I had never been more in my right mind.  My responsibilities were taken care of and I didn’t need to be sorry or create an excuse about why I was learning to LOVE and BE me.  I felt free.  My creative juices were flowing once again, as if I had cleared the channels that were once blocked.  

Thus!  The Risen Lotus was born.  I was always fond of gemstones, crystals, and shells, and my mother taught me how to make jewelry at a young age- so that initial seed she had planted blossomed into something unexpectedly.  The pieces directly reflect who I see myself as or what I love.  When people possess an item from The Risen Lotus, it should speak to their unique selves…their vision of themselves. 

There is so much more that has gone into this new journey of entrepreneurship and self-discovery, but that’s more of a tea-sipping conversation.  This is the snapshot version.  I just wanted to briefly introduce myself to those who find themselves scrolling through my website.  Plus, I encourage you to be yourself, especially if you are spreading love, knowledge, and encouragement to others.  Stop hiding.  Be Free!

Thank you for coming to my website.  I appreciate all of the love and support brothers and sisters.

Peace & Blessings,

Nija Iris

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